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About Piercing Perfection

At Piercing Perfection, our motto is “Piercing you to perfection”, and we strive for that each day with each piercing and each client we interact with. We are Charleston, SC’s #1 piercing studio. We continue to set ourselves apart by offering the highest quality jewelry and safe, accurate procedures performed by piercers with no less than 10 years of experience. We serve a vastly diverse clientele and remain dedicated to maintaining a positive and welcoming environment and to offering guidance through each client’s individual piercing experience.

Piercing & Stretching

The practice of enlarging ear and body piercings can be seen in many cultures throughout history. Currently, it is a growing trend in modern society. The look of enlarged holes can be achieved by doing initial piercings with large gauge jewelry (gauge=size), or by stretching piercings gradually over time. We offer both large-gauge piercings and stretching at Piercing Perfection, but this information is specific to stretching your piercings. If you want to stretch an existing piercing it is important to wait until it is well healed.

Sterilization Procedures

At Piercing Perfection, cleanliness and safety is our #1 priority. Every needle used for piercing is sterile and single use. All jewelry and instruments used for piercing are properly disinfected and sterilized prior to use. Rest assured that every time you visit Piercing Perfection for your piercings, that you are having your body art done at the cleanest and most sterile facility in the Greater Charleston area. Our clients come from all over South Carolina to visit our piercing shop in North Charleston.

Recent Piercings

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